Uber Vs. Private Transportation Services

The days of calling for a cab and waiting hours for one seem to be long gone with more convenient services such as Uber and Lyft. The applications can be easily downloaded to any device to make hailing a cab as easy as tapping a few buttons.

Although Uber and other e-hail services may appear, at first, to be the best solution for transportation services in today’s world, there is contention that private transportation companies, like Vail Executive Cars, are much better, convenient and at times are even more affordable than Uber for getting you and your party to your mountain resort destination.

Colorado Transportation Service Options

When you travel to the Vail Valley area, you definitely have several options available to you for transportation from the airport to the mountain resort you’ll be staying at; but before you make your transportation service choice, we wanted to highlight some of the differences between Uber or Lyft, and our luxury transportation service.

Get The Most Ride for Your Money

Using the fare estimator provided by Uber will give you an estimated price range for your distance; but there are some additional factors that aren’t taken into consideration until you are already in the vehicle. For example, Uber riders have reported noticing sudden price hikes in times when traffic is deemed to be heavy. This means that your estimated price might be way off for the same distance during traffic jams than in times when traffic is freer flowing.  At Vail Executive Cars, our fares don’t change based on the amount of traffic.

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Private Driver Insurance

All private vehicles must be insured before taking to the roads but serious questions abound about Uber’s insurance policies. A leaked insurance plan showed that the registered name is Rasier LLC and not Uber, which should be a red flag for riders and drivers. Uber has claimed that Rasier LLC is their subsidiary, but they could use that disparity as a loophole in case of accidents.  Our drivers and vehicles are fully insured, so you can rest assured that you are covered.

Rider Safety Should Be a Top Priority

As surprising as it might sound, personal safety can also be a major concern when using Uber or Lyft. For example, practically anyone can become a driver for these companies which are not too strict when vetting.  The qualifications for becoming a driver for Uber include:

  1. A newer model vehicle with 4 doors.
  2. Proving your driver’s license
  3. Providing your own personal insurance – there are no minimum coverages required
  4. Your vehicle passes an inspection – which only looks at the outside of the vehicle, and does not include any mechanical inspections.

Vail Executive Cars is very strict about our drivers to ensure that they are ethical professionals who wouldn’t exploit clients at any cost.

Airport Transportation Services

Lyft and Uber may not be the most reliable for airport pickups as they often don’t have necessary licenses to be ale to pick up passengers from the airport.  Additionally, the e-hail companies aren’t able to guarantee that a driver will be in that area. This would make our luxury transportation the most reliable, and comfortable way to get in and out of the DIA or Eagle County airports.

Navigating to Your Location

As noted before, the vetting process is not too strict with Uber or Lyft; which means that some of their drivers may not have access to navigating tools that are updated.  This can make it difficult to navigate to certain locations, especially mountain resorts that may be off the beaten path. Our luxury SUV’s are all equipped with navigation systems, and in addition to that, our drivers are familiar with the Vail Valley area because they drive these routes often.

Group Transportation

If you are traveling with a group of friends; finding a vehicle large enough using Uber or Lyft is hit or miss, and you may wind up having to order multiple vehicles.  When you book your transportation reservation with us; you can be sure that our drivers will arrive in a luxury SUV that can accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Guaranteed to Arrive On Time

Uber offers its drivers such flexibility that they can log off the system at any time. This is dangerous for customers as a driver may choose to go offline when they urgently need services. Choosing a private company assures you of a ride whenever you need it because you can make your transportation reservations in advance.

Take The Worry Out of Booking Transportation Services

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